Have you ever wondered if a language model like ChatGPT has a personality? Well, we did too! So, we decided to put ChatGPT to the test and ask it to take our personality assessment for sales.


The POP 7.0 consists of over 250 adjective phrases and opinion statement questions.  Each question is measured on a 5-point Likert scale.  We provided instructions on the rating scale and pitched the questionnaire item by item – it refused to answer the questionnaire in bulk.  So, it is not a smooth ride but also not difficult once you figure out the workaround. The other challenge was that there were a few questions that it at first refused to answer, but with some additional prompting it proceeded to answer.

For example, when asked if it was easily hurt by criticism, ChatGPT responded, “As an AI language model, I do not have emotions or feelings.” But when pushed for an answer, it responded with a 1 – Not at all like me.

ChatGPT’s Personality

So, what did we learn about ChatGPT’s personality? Based on the results of the POP 7.0 assessment, we found out that ChatGPT is a responsive and process-oriented entity that is patient with a motivational style balanced between achieving results and providing service. ChatGPT is team-oriented, somewhat sociable, highly analytical, and has very positive attitudes.

ChatGPT scored lower in the emotional quotient component of POP 7.0, which suggests a preference for relying on non-emotional information in interpersonal communication. These attributes are consistent with what we would expect from a large language model chatbot.

A Sales Career for ChatGPT

But what about a sales position? ChatGPT scored a 1 out of 5 on the POP 7.0 Science recommendation, indicating that a sales role may not be the best fit. Of course, this is only one dimension and if ChatGPT was an actual human we would also take into account other factors like background, experience, work habits, etc. when considering ChatGPT for the role.

Based on the assessment result, ChatGPT is a better fit for a service-oriented position that involves strong analytical skills and working in a structured, process-oriented environment.  ChatGPT also has a reasonable sense of urgency to complete tasks quickly especially when provided with clear instructions and follow-up feedback.

One thing to note is ChatGPT did quite well on the social desirability indicator and did not answer in a way that suggested it was trying to engage in impression management in its responses. For example, when asked if it had ever told a lie, ChatGPT responded with a 1 – Don’t agree at all!

Anthropomorphizing ChatGPT

If we were to debrief ChatGPT’s assessment as if it were a person, we would describe it as a highly motivated and systematic individual who integrates well in a structured environment that allows it to leverage its strong analytical orientation. We would suggest that ChatGPT seek out careers with clear work objectives and opportunities to learn and problem-solve while interacting with others. We also would suggest that ChatGPT avoid working in highly fluid environments without any structure, feedback from others, or learning opportunities.

Who knew that an AI language model like ChatGPT could have such a distinct personality?

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