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Simplify the recruiting process

TalentNest makes it easy to post jobs and process your applicants. Move candidates through a configurable recruiting process that works the way your team does.


Integrated diagnostics & assessments

Using our built-in tools, TalentNest helps you make better hiring decisions. Tools include predictive screening and selection assessments, 360° referencing, and many post-hire and on-boarding tools.

Stay informed with advanced analytics

Stay informed with advanced analytics

Access metrics that allow you to measure the ROI of your recruitment process. You will realize the benefits in tracking the success of your candidate sourcing strategies, time to hire, and more.


TalentNest HR Software Solutions

Recruiting Solutions to Find Talented Team Members

TalentNest is an HR software solution developed by the Self Management Group.  Our recruitment agency software will help your business find and attract top talent.  With our decades in the business of recruitment, we understand that finding the right people for your business is an on-going challenge.

We designed TalentNest software to make recruitment fast and easy. You won’t need to sift through hundreds of resumes anymore with our innovative HR software solutions.  TalentNest is specifically designed to benefit large companies that receive high volumes of applicants.  It will also help with the on-boarding process, helping to ensure that the process of finding, evaluating and getting top talent to work is as easy as possible.

Our comprehensive system integrates directly into your company website while maintaining your brand image and design structure. This turn-key recruitment solution involves minimal set up, and is easy to access from any Internet connected device.

Self Management Group

Self Management Group is a global leader in HR recruitment solutions.  We deploy innovative training and assessment tools to determine the best talent and help them achieve their highest potential.

As a leader in our industry, we have developed TalentNest as truly one of the best ways to raise efficiency in selecting new talent to join your team. With over 30 years of service behind us, Self Management Group has developed an outstanding reputation for building high performance company cultures. With our TalentNest HR software solutions, it’s now easier than ever to attract, manage and rank job candidates.

Our clients include major corporations from around the world.  These global leaders benefit every day from our customized selection and electronic recruiting tools, our behavioural-based screening and interviewing techniques, and our cutting edge psychometric profiling.  The first company to provide web-based psychometric profiles, we now have the largest sales volume of any profiling company in the world.  Our services are available in over 37languages, in 32countries, and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Self Management Group deploys advanced scientific analysis and statistical methods to best track and measure the return on investment of organizational initiatives.  We have a long history of employing scientific techniques to bring the highest quality of information to work for your business.

At Self Management Group, our ultimate goal is promoting the most effective self-management techniques for our clients.  The training and coaching provided through our service aim to enhance the effectiveness of all layers of your organization in order to develop the best long-term results for your company.  TalentNest takes this goal forward with its innovative software solutions to help your organization gain enduring benefits from our expertise.

HR Software Solutions to Streamline the Selection Process

Locating the top candidates for your job profile can be a challenge.

TalentNest’s recruitment solutions help to streamline the selection process of new team members. You will be able to quickly and easily locate and manage the top potential job applicants via our HR software solutions.

HR workers often have trouble distinguishing the best job candidates. But with TalentNest’s HR software solutions, talent scouts have no problems quickly locating the top selection through advanced screenings and customizable fields based on your job preferences.

Advanced screenings help throughout the recruitment process.  In the beginning, you can establish ‘knock-out’ questions that will help remove any candidates that don’t meet your minimum criteria.  Education, experience, language, or other qualifications that your future employee absolutely must have?  TalentNest establishes these early on in the screening process and screens out anyone who doesn’t meet them.

TalentNest also uses advanced psychometric analyses to determine if a candidate is right for your business.  Our HR software solution puts the Self Management Group’s advanced psychometric evaluations to work for you!

We provide a series of tests that will help predict an employee’s performance and likelihood of long-term retention. TalentNest evaluations will help guide your interview process, pointing to the questions that are most relevant to determining how a specific person will fit into your organization, team, or an individual role.

We will also help you learn how to train and incentivize new employees in order to get the most output from them while providing them with the most personally-rewarding job tasks.  Each person learns differently and responds to different incentives; TalentNest provides simple solutions to help you determine what works best for your new employee.

When you’re first reaching out to potential candidates, TalentNest HR software solutions makes sure you can ask the questions and set the criteria most fitting to your company’s needs.  You determine the fields and criteria to evaluate potential candidates, utilizing our highly customizable fields to create the exact standards for measuring potential candidates.

Potential standards include, but are not limited to:

  • Education
  • Professional Certifications
  • Work History
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Skills

Once you have established the criteria to evaluate your candidates, TalentNest provides easy ways for you to sort, evaluate and rank the candidates.

TalentNest’s recruitment solutions allow for easy readability of your candidates’ qualifications in your own analytics tab. Through SelfManagement Group’s resources, you will be able to access an assessment profile and the predicted ROI of each applicant to find the most suitable person for the job.

We will collect each candidates information through our 4 step process, and rank the applicants based on categories of your choosing combined with our advanced screening.

Web Integration

Our HR software solutions interface smoothly with your website.  This easy integration has several benefits for your business.

The first is ease of access.  You can browse applicant files from anywhere in the world via the web.  This website integration allows you to manage applicant files and recruitment campaigns from anywhere, whenever you are available.

Another benefit of web integration is the branding of your job postings and the integration of your brand into all aspects of the hiring process.  Job postings and profiles will be branded to provide a professional representation of your company.  Branded job postings will appear on your corporate website and on a variety of other job sites around the internet.

You can host as many job advertisements as you need. With the click of a button, TalentNest’s recruiting solutions allow you to  reach out to as wide of an audience as you’d like.  TalentNest has a network of integrated partners through which we can broadcast your job postings to a huge number of candidates.  Our HR software solutions use our connections through popular social media and career sites to reach hundreds of thousands of potential candidates! Our application integrates with sites such as Monster, Workopolis, CareerBuilder and specialty job boards.

Additional features of TalentNest’s HR software solution include automated emails, free updates, API Access, and on-going tech support.  We aim to make the process as smooth as possible, and strive to include all the web services you will need to quickly and effectively find the right candidates for your organization.


We understand the importance of keeping applicants’ information confidential, and take care to protect all data collected by our recruiting solutions software. Every piece of information collected from your candidatesis secure through SSL with 128-bit encryption.  You can rest assured that the sensitive content of your company and your candidates is safe and protected when using TalentNest.

An HR Software Solution You can Trust

TalentNest is the solution to your HR challenges.  We will help streamline your recruitment process in order to minimize your time spent and maximize your results.  Our HR software solution brings the 30 years of the Self Management Group’s experience to work for you.  It puts our evaluation, ranking, analysis directly into your office and makes it easy to apply to your recruitment process.  We can help vet candidates before they walk into the interview and show you the questions you will need to ask.

It’s easy and affordable to get started with TalentNest’s recruiting solutions. Just give us a call at 416-746-0444 and we will set you up with a free consultation and demo of what we can do to improve your employee on-boarding process.

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