Electro Federation Canada (EFC), a leading voice in Canada’s electrical and automation community, recently launched a pioneering initiative, the Redefine Power campaign. This ambitious project aimed to revolutionize the way EFC attracts fresh talent to its workforce. Known for being a national not-for-profit industry association, EFC’s initiative is a significant stride in enhancing the industry’s dynamic and diverse talent pool.

The Redefine Power campaign arose from a crucial need identified by EFC. Representing over 260 member companies, EFC plays a pivotal role in the Canadian economy, contributing over $10 billion and employing more than 43,000 individuals. However, the challenge lay in attracting a new wave of young professionals and recent graduates, particularly within the 21 to 34 age group. These talents were sought for various roles, ranging from Sales and Marketing to Engineering and IT, reflecting the wide-ranging needs of EFC’s diverse member companies.

EFC Partners with TalentNest

In response to this challenge, EFC collaborated with TalentNest to create a centralized, dynamic recruitment platform. This innovative approach not only enhanced EFC’s recruitment process but also significantly increased their brand awareness. With the successful integration of TalentNest, EFC has set a new benchmark in talent acquisition within the electrical and automation industry, as evidenced by the impressive number of applicants and campaign impressions garnered in the past year.

Access the full case study here (PDF)