We are thrilled to share the next chapter in our journey of upholding the highest standards of information security. Self Management Group’s TalentNest is pleased to announce the successful completion of the SOC 2 Type 2 audit.

This achievement stands testament to our unwavering dedication to safeguarding our customers’ data.

What does this mean for you?

Proven Effectiveness: By obtaining the Type 2 certification, SMG has demonstrated not only the robustness of our security infrastructure but also its consistent and effective application in day-to-day operations.

Long-term Assurance:
This certification reassures our customers that we are continually monitoring, evaluating, and enhancing our systems to prevent breaches and data mismanagement.

Elevated Trust:
As the digital landscape evolves, businesses require more than just one-time assurances. A SOC 2 Type 2 certification reinforces the long-term trust our clients place in us, knowing that their sensitive data remains protected, not just in design but in practice.

Our audit was conducted by Sensiba San Filippo, LLP (SSF). Their thorough evaluation reaffirms SMG’s unwavering commitment to implementing and maintaining the rigorous SOC 2 Trust Service Criteria for security. Transitioning from SOC 2 Type 1 to Type 2 underscores our steady approach to data security. We recognize the importance of consistent security measures in today’s digital ecosystem, especially as more businesses adopt cloud-based solutions like ours. Security is not just a feature for us, but a foundational element in every facet of our operations.

To our valued customers and partners, thank you! We value the trust our customers and partners place in us, and we will remain dedicated to serving you with unmatched excellence and integrity.