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Account Setup

On which job sites will TalentNest automatically post my job?

Wow Jobs
…and many more!

How soon can we start using it?

Setup time varies based on the complexity and size of your business. Small businesses can get set up and running in just one business day. Larger businesses should budget two to four weeks in order to customize the account and setup recruiting processes that match their workflow.

Which employees should use TalentNest?

Anyone you want! Most companies have Recruiters and Hiring Managers as the main users.

How do I or my team learn how to use TalentNest?

We provide training the way that suits your business. Typically, we offer interactive training through Zoom, over the phone or in-person at your location(s).

In addition, you can visit https://support.talentnest.com for our comprehensive help desk with how-to articles and videos . You can also email our support team with any questions at support@talentnest.com.

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Do I have to pay for software updates?

Absolutely not. We’re continuously rolling out new features and improving existing ones. When you start using TalentNest, it will continually get better over time.

Does TalentNest charge extra for any features?

Most of the features that you need to recruit effectively are built into our core offering. We do have add-on tools, such as certain assessments or automated reference checks that you can add to your account.

Do you charge per user?

No! TalentNest does not charge per user. Feel free to add as many users, recruiters, hiring managers that you need in order to get the job done well.

How much does TalentNest cost?

TalentNest offers flexible pricing based on your number of expected hires per year. Please contact us to receive a quote.

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Are there regularly scheduled downtime / software upgrades?

We perform software updates on a daily and continuous basis. Due to the way our application is designed, most software updates are performed with zero downtime.

Is your system reliable?

We have proven track record of reliability and uptime. TalentNest guarantees greater than 99% uptime. You can review our current status and past uptime at http://status.talentnest.com

Where is the data stored?

Our data is stored in a Canadian-owned cloud facility that is PIPEDA compliant. It is operated according to and fully compliant with the industry’s most stringent privacy standards.

Do you offer Single-Sign-On?

Yes, we offer single-sign-on with a variety of providers, including: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We can even support a closed enterprise system if needed.

How does TalentNest secure our information?

We take great pride in protecting our clients and their data. All communication between your users and our application is over 256-bit SSL encryption. All of our user passwords are securely hashed and are never stored in plaintext.

TalentNest is hosted in facilities that are SSAE 16 Type II SOC 2 certified in accordance with AT 101, including N+1 redundant power, UPS generators, enhanced security, on-site security, and controlled access.

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