Last month, TalentNest released Indeed Apply with great success. Indeed Apply allows candidates to apply directly to your jobs from Indeed’s web site and mobile app. As a TalentNest client, your jobs automatically benefit from this feature and you may have already noticed a spike in candidate applications. Indeed is the #1 job search site in North America and continues to drive a large portion of applicants to TalentNest.

If you would like to learn how to sponsor your jobs on Indeed to get even more applicants, please contact us at

Robert Spilak

About Robert Spilak

TalentNest is a leading-edge software as a service to help clients attract, hire, and retain their ideal candidates. Robert currently leads the TalentNest division and enjoys working with clients to showcase the benefits of the system. He also works behind the scenes, continuing to innovate new ways to improve clients’ talent acquisition.