TalentNest, a division of Self Management Group, is pleased to release the 2022 Sources of Hires report. For over half a decade, we’ve been researching, analyzing, and interpreting the patterns and trends in the realm of job applications, evaluations, interviews, and hiring numbers. Our team has carefully examined data from our wonderful clients in Canada and the United States, aiming to classify job applications by source and ascertain the effectiveness of each source in producing successful interviews and hires.

We’re excited to share some insights from this year’s report, which we believe will assist HR professionals, recruiters, and job seekers alike in understanding the ever-evolving job market.

Canada: The Balance of Volume and Quality

Our findings show that Indeed continues to be the dominant source for job applications in Canada, producing the highest number of applicants, reviewed applications, interviewed candidates, and successful hires. However, an intriguing trend emerges when analyzing the hiring rates. Referrals, Corporate Websites, and Recruiter sources outshine Indeed with hiring rates of 5.4%, 1.5%, and 11.1%, respectively. This suggests that although these sources might not generate as many applicants, they deliver high-quality candidates.

United States: Indeed and Referrals

The US follows a similar pattern, with Indeed leading in sheer volume. However, the Referral source outdoes others with a notable 13.8% hiring rate, suggesting referrals often lead to higher-quality candidates. Corporate Websites and In-Store Advertisements, despite fewer applicants, show targeted efficiency for certain roles.

Download the full report: