A new way to identify top candidates

We are pleased to announce TalentNest’s new GoldenEagle™ feature that lets you quickly and easily identify standout candidates for your jobs. By identifying certain candidates as a GoldenEagle™ it makes it easier to focus your recruitment efforts on your top candidates first.

To identify a standout candidate, simply click the shaded GoldenEagle™ on a candidate’s row when working within a job or when viewing a candidate’s details. Click on the GoldenEagle™ again to change the status back to its previous state.


What it means?

GoldenEagle™: The candidate has been identified as a standout candidate for the current job.

Golden Eagle Outline: The candidate has been identified as a standout candidate for a different job, but not the current job.

Grey Eagle: The candidate has not yet been identified as a standout candidate for any job.

GoldenEagle Search

Candidate Search

Only candidates who have been identified as a GoldenEagle™ in one or more jobs can be included (or excluded) in the search results.

Robert Spilak

About Robert Spilak

TalentNest is a leading-edge software as a service to help clients attract, hire, and retain their ideal candidates. Robert currently leads the TalentNest division and enjoys working with clients to showcase the benefits of the system. He also works behind the scenes, continuing to innovate new ways to improve clients’ talent acquisition.