We often receive the same two questions from our current and potential clients: where can we find the best candidates? and, how do we get more of them? In order to answer the questions, we decided to take a deep dive across all of our Canadian applications for 2016.

Download the full 2016 TalentNest Canada Sources and Hires Report

We found some interesting points that would be useful to our clients or anyone recruiting in Canada. Be sure to check out the full report for a more in-depth look.

Canada loves Indeed. Indeed generated 50.4% of our candidate flow in Canada. It was by far the most popular source. The top 5 sources were:

With Indeed generating half of our clients’ application volume, it was clear that was where to get the most candidates. But were they good candidates?

TalentNest has a few ways in which users indicate to us if the candidate is a good one.

  • Did the candidate pass the basic non-negotiable job requirements?
  • Did a recruiter review the application?
  • Was the candidate assigned a review rating? What was it?
  • Did the application result in a hire? Was the application deselected?

In 2016, out of 269,980 applications in Canada, 1,989 applications resulted in a hire. The top 5 sources for hire were:

  1. Corporate Website (919)
  2. Indeed (530)
  3. Employee Referral (196)
  4. Family, Friend, Acquaintance (70)
  5. Other / Unidentified (54)

Outside of a company’s own recruiting efforts, Indeed was the #1 external source for all TalentNest hires in Canada.

To get more insight, download the full 2016 TalentNest Canada Sources and Hires Report.