A deselected candidate

Have you deselected a candidate by mistake? Or would you like to reverse your decision? TalentNest’s new feature makes it easy to undo.

Undo deselect

Move your mouse over the deselect icon and the image will change to an undo icon. Click.

A confirmation message will appear. Click “Confirm”.

Undo deselection of a candidate confirmation message.

Please note the following: When you deselect a candidate, you have the option of sending the candidate an automated deselection email. By default, TalentNest queues this email and sends it up to 7 days after the candidate was deselected. This allows you some time to reverse the decision and avoid having the candidate receive a deselection email if the decision is reversed.

If the deselection email has already been sent, TalentNest will let you know:

Alert of previously send deselection email

Don’t worry, if you deselect the candidate a second, or third time, the candidate will not receive any additional deselection emails for this job.

Robert Spilak

About Robert Spilak

TalentNest is a leading-edge software as a service to help clients attract, hire, and retain their ideal candidates. Robert currently leads the TalentNest division and enjoys working with clients to showcase the benefits of the system. He also works behind the scenes, continuing to innovate new ways to improve clients’ talent acquisition.