TalentNest has a new feature that lets you target work from home / remote workers.

Remote Job Option

If you are looking for remote workers, use this feature it will do two things:

  1. On your TalentNest job site, candidates will be able to filter for remote work opportunities.
  2. TalentNest will broadcast your job to our partners and they will be classified as remote / work from home jobs. Our partners will automatically display the job regardless of where the candidate is searching from. Currently, Indeed, Facebook, and Google are accepting this job type classification.

In the current situation with many people preferring to work from home, we’ve seen a tremendous boost in applicant volume when advertising for such positions.

Note: Please only use this feature if your job is 100% remote and does not require regular travel to your office.

Have you tried this feature? Let us know how it is working for your organization.